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Anxiety, how can I help you?

Okay so as you are most likely aware from previous blog posts, I suffer from intense anxiety and panic attacks, and I am really here for anyone who needs help. My email is¬†and I am happy to help absolutely anybody, no problem is too big or too small for me. It’s hard sometimes, especially if you feel you have no-one to talk to, and I love to feel that people have chosen me as their confidante, so it is really great to talk to someone about it, and I am very happy to be that someone. Please don’t give me any of your personal information apart from your email address so that I can send some advice and support to your inbox. I am aware that the internat can be a very negative place, and I want to make a positive impact upon it.

Stay strong everybody, and even if your problem isn’t anxiety, it could be difficult times or anything, I am here for you

Love and hugs xoxoxo

I love my best friend

I have a best friend called Skye, and she is such a wondeful, beautiful, talented person, and I just wanted to share with you how blessed I feel to have her as a friend. She sometimes doubts herself, and she shouldn’t because she is honestly a beautiful kind soul who loves to help others. If you by chance find my blog, please share messages for my wonderful friend who is struggling with inner dark thoughts

Loving everyone like crazy right now, stay strong xoxo

Living with anxiety, trying to smile

I have suffered with anxiety for several years. To start with, it feels like an endless abyss intent upon throwing away your life and becoming a nervous, quivering wreck. Although the anxiety doesn’t go away, you do learn to live with it. I try to be grateful for everything life throws at me, keep my friends close. I try to love my enemies, not to judge and to do everything I can to make other people happy. I won’t let my anxiety think for me. My anxiety does not define me. I am just somebody who sometimes worries, who sometimes has moments of self doubt, who sometimes break down. But for all these times, there are a million other times when I have been relaxed happy excited confident and strong.